Put Your Property at Center Stage

Put Your Property at Center Stage

Landscape lighting will spotlight your property in the Newburgh, IN area

Your landscape simply disappears at night, but it could look beautiful at all hours. Picture your yard and walkway outlined with glowing lights, and imagine color-changing lights making your garden look magical. Emerald City Landscape and Outdoor Lighting can bring these outdoor lighting ideas to life for your property in the Newburgh, IN area.

We can install landscape lighting or other outdoor lighting to:

  • Give you a full view of your landscape at night
  • Highlight your favorite parts of your landscape
  • Deter pests or intruders who prefer the dark
You can choose lights with special features, like color-changing lights, and find a variety of options to suit your budget. Contact our team today to explore our options for landscape lighting.

Make the outside your favorite part of your house

With inviting outdoor lighting, your patio just might take your living room's place as your go-to lounging area. Your outdoor space will become a great place for entertaining, too, when you and your guests aren't limited to using it during the day. Add our landscape lighting to your property right away to make the most of your outdoor space.